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Tarjeisu, 6 March 2018

Nice cars, well equipped and god information in advance. No surprises.
We really recommend hiring a car at Bushtrackers in Johannesburg (Sterling Rd). It is a short trip (about 35 min with taxi) from the airport (OR Tabo). We only took a taxi from the hostel we stayed on during the night close to the airport. Bushtrackers also offered to arranges easy transportation for you to their location.

We checked in advance what different rental companies supplied by equipment / type of car. Bushtrackers were both informative and attentive from the very first time we were in touch and have cars that are well equipped. Heather was our contact person and responded well to both mail and Whatsapp. Upon delivery of the car, Heather + two other employees, went through the car with us. They even informed us about some of the few scratches around the car, which we didn't discover by ourself. Best way to do it if you don't want to get discussions afterwards. Best for both parties. Bushtrackers provided good information AND documentation in relation to bordercrossings, showed how the tents on the roof worked, as well as important things with the car. Even with problems at Zambia's border, they quickly followed up and sent us updated documents after a few minutes. The car is built especially for roads in Botswana's national parks. These roads are not in good conditions. We had no problems with the car and it took surprisingly well in the terrain. Border crossings to Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana, overall, went very well.

We returned the car with a small dent on the roof (after walking on the roof) and a little dust blast (damage) on the front windshield. The bill we received on this later responded to what we expected, and even though the car had some small scratches from bushes and trees after the national park tours, we did not get any bill on this as it was possible to polish away.

In summary: Bushtrackers Africa appears professional and tidy. They have no interest in making money on immoral ways afterwards, and didn't try to earn more for "new" insurances after the price was agreed. The price we received in advance was the price we paid. DONE!

Tarjeisu, 6 March 2018
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