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Soniaviajera73, 10 October 2018

Avatar Icon In 2018 we have been travelling for more than 2 months through different countries of souther Africa. After much research on the most famous 4x4 rental companies, in the end we decided on Bushtrackers Africa for several reasons:
- The communication was from the first day very fluid, solving all our doubts and pleas. I have to say that this started several months before the hiring. Heather could not be more attentive and kind to me.
- The price of the total budget for 2 months was almost half that of other companies in the sector.
- The equipment and preparation of the cars offered was even better than others.
For all this, we finally decided on them, and I have to say that we do not have a complaint about the car (Toyota Hilux with 30 000kms) or the equipment, everything has gone smoothly, not even the slightest problem. Everything promised was fulfilled. We felt safe at all times, knowing that if something went wrong, Heather would help us. We will be back in 2019, and of course, go back to using Bushtrackers. THANK YOU for helping make the trip of my life.

Soniaviajera73, 10 October 2018
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