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irene2013, 4 June 2018

Avatar Icon The perfect 4x4 to rent. We had a great experience with an almost new Toyota Hilux. We drove from Joburg through Botswana. One of the things these 4x4's are so great, is the special bumper that's placed at the front. This makes the difference between getting stuck, of make your ride a nice one! We saw a lot of other 4x4's which were still having the regular bumper. A few of them had serious issues getting through the sandy roads. The car is comfortable (also nice when you stay a lot of hours behind the steering wheel). And we've got a good explanation of how the car, tent, etc works. I'm sure that with this car we had the beautiful trip we had. And, i must be honest, i didn't realized the advantages of the bushtrackers cars before, until we were out there in the bush.

irene2013, 4 June 2018
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