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Helen Davies, 9 April 2018

Helen Davies Avatar We had a great experience using the camping 4x4 that Bushtrackers provided. We're a couple that rented a double cab 4x4, giving us extra space for luggage. We could have fitted the luggage in the back, but having it in the cab was more convenient for access, and it feels safer too. The toll roads in Africa are great quality, but once you leave them the roads vary in quality from new to pothole hell. We would think twice about driving around in a normal car, but a 4x4 gave us the confidence that we wouldn't damage the car if we drove carefully. We never needed to have 4x4 enabled really, but knowing that it was there gives you confidence to "give things a try".
It was great that the car was so new, and air conditioning is vital - we comfortably viewed wildlife in Kruger while the outside temperature was 39 degrees C. The service was great and very reasonable. We would recommend to bring some items Bushtrackers does not supply.
1) an inflatable double mattress, as the 50 mm foam that Bushtrackers provide would not have been adequate. (Even though ours got destroyed by a baboon just before the last night!!)
2) A tarp to sit under when it rains. Other than that, we had all the material we needed for camping, it was very convenient, and we would highly recommend Bushtrackers.

Helen Davies, 9 April 2018
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