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Frederik Hiergens, 16 March 2018

Frederik Hiergens Avatar Our contact person, Heather, was on top of everything. Clear, fast and easy communication about booking and vehicle collection.
Some bullet points:
They only use cars that are max 2 years old. Our Toyota hilux double cab hardly had 35k km on it and was very well equipped for 4 people. What a pleasure taking it off-road.
Upon request we've got a few extra straps for tying down additional gear to the roof.
We traveled during the low (rainy) season (Feb-March) which we would recommend for everybody as we had all the roads and parks mainly to ourselves. On our 8500km journey through 3 countries, we encountered all kinds of rough terrain: long sandy stretches, deep muddy pools, steep rocky climbs, ... the additional reinforcements such as the bash plate, the heavy duty tires and the bull bar proved to be very useful features to have on our 'bakkie'.
The owner said to return the car uncleaned which proved to be very handy as we got it covered from head to toe in a deep layer of mud and dust. No other car rental company ever has allowed us to do that. All 4 passengers were comfortably seated during this journey, even in the back. Having a double fuel tank proved to be very useful in both Namibia and Botswana as the fuel stations there are few and far apart.
The fridge never went over 7 degrees even when when the car was parked in full sun for a long time. The camping equipment was like advertised and very practically organized They made it possible for us to return the car on a Sunday afternoon They handled some damage to the vehicle swift, cheap and correct: we had strapped the 4 bagged seats on the roof rack. One of them was in contact with the roof and continuous rubbing by driving off road rubbed off the paint off down to the metal. They made no issue out of it and got it fixed for the same cheap price we had gotten a local price quote. Thanks!
If I have to list something that could be improved it would: the mattresses which were a tad too thin...and we missed a tire pressure gouge.

Frederik Hiergens, 16 March 2018
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